Drawers by Egret

Egret offers high quality aluminium drawers in ATLAS and KSSU standards, as well as customized dimensions. Aluminum drawers are anodized in natural color. Customers can choose to have embossed or engraved logo. Reduced weight and perforated aluminium drawers are also available.

Our polypropylene (PP) drawers are suitable for most airlines that adopt ATLAS standard. Standard PP drawers come in translucent milky-white colour. Other colours are available on request. Customer can opt for either molded or silkscreen logos. Drawers for storage of drinking glasses are available in aluminium and glass.

Plastic Drawer

Features and Options

Plastic drawers are normally made of Polypropylene (PP) or Polycarbonate (PC). For cost reason, PP drawers are more popular in the market. With minimum order of 2000 drawers, any color can be customized made and molded logo can be also arranged free of charge.

Aluminum Drawer

Features and Options

The most common aluminum drawers are standard ATLAS drawers, lightweight perforated Drawers and KSSU drawers. Customization in all sizes can be arranged on demand.

Supplying certified products of high quality at competitive prices in short lead-times is the key advantage of our company.